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  • We have created one of the most latest product that is used for the meetings.It has almost 10 modules in one that are easy to navigate and manage from a click at your own comfort. E-Board is a secure web-based board portal that is easy to use and optimized for board members and senior management.Our Board Management solution simplifies every aspect of running your board, from minutes and agendas to voting.  Why board automation?The process of conducting board meetings, distributing board papers, board evaluation, board documents etc. is usually expensive as a result of printing, cost involved and time spent. Smart board a cloud system automates these processes and ensures the board can coordinate and get documents and other resources on time and anywhere in the world. The following questions are usually asked based on the the benefits E-Board ,these include; Easy access to reports. ? Centralize communication. ? Shared calendar. ? No software need to install. ? Simple to use. ? Communicate securely. ? End-to-End solution. ? Restrict access to reports. Smart Board improves board meeting attendance, get faster communication, and know where all of your Board of Directors’ documents are — these are just a few of the time-saving benefits Board Management’s features provides:

    •  Schedules and Calendar See upcoming and past events in one centralized place.

    • clients Add events with dates, times, date ranges, or all-day events.

    • Attach people to meeting/events and notify them when events are added.

    • Attach or use the agenda to create an agenda for the meeting.

    • Documents & Folders Organize board documents, files, and other assets.

    •   Create unlimited folders to keep thing organized.

    • Set permission who can access certain folders and files.

    •   Drag and drop documents or files into folders to keep things organized.

    • Discussions Start a conversation and keep discussions focused and on-topic.

    • Post announcements, proposals, ideas and be sure everyone sees them.

    •   Every topic gets its own page, so the entire conversation is easy to reference later.